Welcome to our website. We offer a wide range of products that will help you stimulate your marketing strategy and distinguish yourself from the competition. Feel free to explore all the options available:

Digital information display  Intelligent display  Transparent display  Tactile table


Digital information display

Diopso offers aesthetic, reliable and flexible LCD display solution made to withstand outdoor and indoor intensive commercial uses. Take advantage of our digital messaging platforms to improve your communications with bystanders and customers. All our displays include ergonomic software that allows to update content in real-time, to share viewing space between different messages and to engage with your audience in a fun and innovative way.

See our imotion brochure  on the external terminals signage.


Diopso is now offering an easy-to-use 3D wayfinding software designed to help your visitors to know where they are and what point-of-interest are near them. The 3D Wayfinder uses a 3D model of your building, including all existing objects, and renders it in real-time, making it easier for visitors to understand and memorize the route they ought to take. The application can be embedded into your website, your social networks, and can be used on mobile phones. A great and inexpensive way to improve your visitors' experience!.  


Transparent display

Enhance high-profile products visibility with Diopso’s transparent displays. An embedded HD transparent monitor can play highly engaging content that will get bystanders attention while sharing information and complementary advertising hooks. Become the talk of the town and bait more customers in your store with Diopso’s transparent display.  


Tactile table

Surprise and draw bystanders and customers in with Diopso tactile table. An embedded interactive HD monitor displays astounding interactive audio-visual contents. Perfect to enhance your restaurant or store’s decoration and to create innovative advertising hooks. Engage your audience and liven up your waiting spaces with an addictive and refine tactile table.